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“Should I use a tax professional or prepare my taxes on my own taxes?“

The answer to this question depends upon your level of comfort. It is inevitable that as you advance through your life and career, your taxes will get more complex. What may be a single-page Form 1040-EZ one year can easily become a daunting voluminous series of tax forms the next. This is where J&G Accounting is here to help as we have both options.


Should you feel overwhelmed this upcoming tax season, we have highly trained tax professionals ready to tackle your unique situation. Our tax professionals understand the complexities of the tax code and guarantee you get every credit and deduction you deserve.

Tax trouble can be caused by many things but the most common are self-employment, payroll taxes, divorce, illness, business failure, partnership disputes, and bad tax advice.  Whatever the cause, tax trouble feels overwhelming and denial is a common solution.
IRS Collection
The IRS is one of the most aggressive collection agencies that you will encounter.  Falling behind on taxes can lead to IRS Liens, Levies on bank accounts, seizure of customer payments, Wage Garnishments, Court Judgments, and potentially the forced closure of your business.  If you are receiving IRS Notices or Intent to Levy letters its time to seek help from a tax professional. In my experience as a CPA handling tax trouble the worst strategy is to ignore these notices. There are many options available depending on your circumstances including amending tax returns to lower tax liability, establishing affordable tax payment plans, or obtaining an offer in compromise to reduce your tax debt to an amount that you can afford to pay. The first step is to contact my office and arrange a meeting to discuss your options.  My firm is located in St. Louis, Missouri in the Affton area. The first meeting is free, and I’m on your side.
You want to get tax trouble out of your life and get back on track but you aren’t sure that you can afford tax help or afford to pay the taxes owed.
Take Control of Your Tax Problem
My meetings with tax trouble clients have shown me that people with tax trouble have a few things in common – they feel relieved and happy to finally take control of their tax problems and wish that they had not spent so many days worrying before taking action.
We discuss which records we need in order to file missing tax returns, we talk about possible tax deductions, we assess their potential for an offer in compromise and a range of payment plans, and more times than not we are rushing to avoid losing refunds!  Often-times tax trouble is confined to one or two years but those years have stopped clients from filing for refunds in other years that could have been used to lower their overall tax debt and make the problem more manageable.  In most cases you only have three years to claim a refund or lose it forever.
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